Performance Enhancement & Success Training

Ross Perot said, “most people give up just when they’re about to achieve success. They quit on the one yard line. They give up at the last minute of the game one foot from a winning touchdown. Part of the reason they give up is because they lack the experience and tools necessary to successfully lead them down the path to success.  While success may be within sight, the inability to successfully navigate their path often times leads them to defeat instead.  Our mission is to facilitate and to inspire lifelong success—to invest our time in individuals seeking improvement in their lives both professionally and personally, by providing them with skill sets that incorporate today’s principles and practices utilized in the Field of Psychology and Sports Psychology.

Our Services in Success Training include:

The 4 Post Foundation for Success Seminar: The 4 Post Foundation for Success will change your life forever. This multifaceted model for success effectively aids individuals in understanding how they and others are mentally wired and how to work most efficiently with different personality types. The 4 Post Foundation for Success program implements invaluable skills and foresight allowing individuals to adequately gauge a dramatic change in their own future, giving them leverage on their own destiny and a personalized motivation to accomplish difficult tasks that seem insurmountable.

Performance Enhancement:Performance Enhancement Training was introduced by Norman Triplet back in 1898. Triplett, a Professor at University of Indiana, called it “The Social Facilitation Effect.”  After a century of further study and refinement we now offer practical interactive tailor-made programs that assist individuals and companies increase their overall performance.

Imagery Assessments and Training; The best thing about imagery or visualization is that the mind ceases to discriminate or differentiate between what is real and what is imagined.  Our body elicits the same physiological reactions while we visualize as it would if we were in fact physically engaged in the act.   Another benefit of visualization is that we can do it right every time, there is no chance of error.  We choose our outcome each and every time.  We can visualize a meeting, prepare for every question, and when it comes time for the real meeting participants of this course will be able to act it out in an ideal fashion just as they’d visualized it previously.  This course will teach participants how to do this each time and incorporate visualization into their daily practices for success

Habit Change: Habits are behaviors that affect our everyday life; they are immense factors that determine our way of life.  We have good habits and we have bad habits; what is important about habits is that we can evaluate and change them for the better.  Participants who take course-ware on Habit Change leave with the ability to control their habits by applying personal leverage over their behavior.

Getting and Staying in “The Zone”: The ability to get and stay in the zone is a combination of concentration, focus, and confidence.  When a person is in the zone they are completely and totally absorbed in the moment.  Participants who attend this course learn the benefits of manipulating their mind into being in the zone while utilizing the tools that aid them in successfully focusing on being in the moment

Confidence Building: Confidence is built by evaluating past performance and feedback from both yourself and others who you respect.  Confidence can also be built by modeling: watching another perform then imitating and attempting to perform at their level of intensity.  Participants leave courses on confidence building with the tools they need to increase confidence levels.  This course will change your life for the better.

Concentration and Focus: Concentration and focus are key ingredients to success. It’s important to remember that focus is never really lost it’s merely redirected.  In turn, concentration is one of the precursors to infinite flow; ultimate concentration is arguably the fundamental precursor to flow.  Participants who attend our classes on Concentration and Focus learn how to keep their minds centered on the situation at hand.

Advanced Goal Setting: Proper goal-setting is the most undervalued practice in success training.  When a facilitator knows how to properly teach goal setting it can be one of the most effective ways for individuals and companies to better themselves.  Participants learn the three types of goals: process goals, performance goals, and outcome goals as well as how to build an effective staircase, that will ultimately lead to the actualization of these goals.  Not only do individuals learn the process but they also receive an insightful look into the science behind how and why it all works.

Increasing Sales: To paraphrase one of my mentors, a sale is merely the result of a well thought-out process. Increasing sales is an area that is measurable and for an effective consultant, this speaks volumes since the proof is in the numbers.  My participants leave our sessions with custom designed, multi-pronged, creative, process-based programs that increase sales for the individual and leave the company with systems in place that allow for new sales persons to easily follow, with the company as a whole relying on learned effective skills and effective checks and balances.

Additional Courses and Programs Offered:

Effective Communication: there are three sides to every story—your version, their version, and the unequivocal truth.  Our clients leave this training with the ability to put themselves in the shoes of others and see the world from a different perspective

Resolving Conflict: Resolving conflict is an emotionally charged dynamic.  We teach you what motivates each party to make decisions they make, and the skills that will allow you to effectively tackle the task of resolving conflict

Teambuilding: Our courses on team building utilize personality theory in order to create a team with various strengths aiding us in achieving various tasks.  Participants of team building courses leave with the ability to construct their own teams, and the applicable knowledge of how to play an effective role in such teams.

Controlling Intensity: Optimal intensity levels are critical for success.  If a person is too nervous, too angry, or too shaky they will not perform as well as someone who is calm and confident.   Participants leave with the knowledge and tools that allow them to perform at their optimal levels of intensity on a continuous basis.

Career Transition: Career transition can be one of the toughest periods in a person’s life, especially if the transition was not by choice or presented itself without warning.  Participants who attend this course gain the knowledge and tools to deal with career transition on an emotional and mental level.  Participants also learn about their attributes, qualities, and personal styles so that they can make a move to a new rewarding career and have the confidence to do so.

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