Business Development

Thomas J. Watson, the Founder of IBM, once said “nothing happens until someone sells something.”What Mr. Watson understood so clearly is that sales is the lifeblood of every company and that as Peter Drucker said, “without customers there is no business”. Let Game-Changing Strategists help you develop a winning sales strategy and train you sales managers and sales representatives to execute a new sales plan that produces results.

We help companies develop new revenue streams by analyzing current sales and marketing strategies, recommending new strategies and in gaining employee alignment throughout the company of the new goals and processes.

  • Sales  Plan (Strategy) Development

We work with existing management teams to develop an overall sales strategy that is in alignment with the company’s product and marketing strategies, revenue objectives and profit goals. We begin by analyzing and assessing your current sales strategy, sales management and overall sales competence.

We evaluate your current pipeline and develop strategies to close the business. Morevover we create an Action Plan to generate more prospects in the pipleline and more revenue.

  • Interim Sales Management Engagements

Let Game-Changing Strategists temporarily fill any open VP Sales, Sales Director, Sales Manager or Business Development positions on an interim basis. Our consultants have led sales organizations in public and private companies and know how to produce results.

In addition to leading your sales organization on an interim basis we can assist you in the recruiting, hiring and training of a new “Sales Manger”.

  • Sales Training

We teach an ultra effective 7-Step Collaborative Solution Selling process that closes business and creates high performing sales representatives. The world of sales has changed dramatically over the past 10 years and through our training we provide the insight that helps produce sales excellence in good and bad economies. We equip today’s sales people with a new attitude, an understanding of why people buy and how to sell to them by creating new solutions.

  • Sales Manager Coaching

This is a hands on coaching program that teaches every Sales Manager the methods successful sales leaders use to get maximum performance from their sales representatives:

–  Learn how to stop hiring poor performers and only select sales superstars

–  Learn how to train and motivate your sales team for consistent results

–  Learn how to understand and manage sales reps pipe-line reports

–  Learn how to mine the current customer base to get more sales

–  Learn how to truly develop sales people to achieve maximum results

  • Prospecting

A program that teaches sales reps how to find and qualify prospects and how to obtain an appointment with the decision maker

  • Presentation Skills

A  program that teaches sales reps to make powerful, effective sales  presentations -  one of the most critical and often overlooked steps in the sales process – where the sale is often won or loss

  • On-line Presentations and Webinars

Teaches Sales Managers and Sales Reps how to make presentations and close sales without ever leaving the office using Internet technologies

  • Networking

We teach you a unique philosophy on networking that produces qualified sales leads and helps you in your personal life.

We Create and Execute Extraordinary Strategies That Take People & Companies to the Next Level