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“In most sales organizations only 20% of the sales force consistently meet or exceed their sales goals, 60% meet their goals some of the time and 20% consistently fail to meet their goals. The 20% who consistently meet their goals are the people we call Sales Superstars. They are the ones that have stopped selling using the traditional high pressure, manipulative, adversarial sales processes that make up most sales training programs and have adopted a Collaborative Selling Process” ~ from Game-Changing Sales Strategies

7-Step Collaborative Selling Solution

Why Most Sales Training Does Not Work

  • The biggest problem with most sales training programs is that they are ineffective and produce only short term results. The primary reason is that they are based on selling processes that were created in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s and are based on a philosophy of manipulation and high pressure closing techniques in which the sales rep wins and therefore the customer loses.
  • These old-school programs are easily recognizable. They often consist of trainers teaching from sales guides filled with chapters with titles such as “winning sales scripts”, “phrases to overcome any objection” and “power closing techniques”. The “training” is usually just conducting drills in which the sales reps repeat back the phrases and scripts they have memorized from the manuals.
  • These old programs no longer work and in fact the techniques are so stilted and outdated that they are laughable when used on today’s sophisticated buyers.
  • Why? The main reason is that they were created for salespeople who were typically selling directly to consumers following WWII and the Korean War. The sales rep usually had one chance to meet with the prospective customer, either in their home or at a store, and, therefore the sales rep had to pressure the customer into buying right then or lose the sale forever.
  • It’s no wonder these adversarial techniques don’t work in today’s B2B sales world. But, unfortunately companies are still spending millions of dollars every year with training companies that use these antiquated systems.

Why Our Sales Training Works!

Our trademarked 7 Step Collaborative Selling Process sales training program teaches a collaborative approach to selling in which sales reps learns how to build relationships of trust with the customer, how to determine and understand their needs, and, how to work in collaboration with them to create solutions that fill their needs or eliminate their pain

  • This approach makes the entire sales process a positive experience for both parties and ensures an environment of co-operation and trust; eliminating traditional adversarial roles.
  • We teach sales people how to understand the different personality types they will encounter and how to most effectively work with each type.
  • We teach sales people how to stop selling on price and product features and start selling to buyers the way they want to be sold to; by solving their problems.
  • We teach them how to get real referrals from every sale

The 7-Step Collaborative Selling Solution Comparison Matrix

Our training program also includes Success and Performance Enhancement Training where we cover topics such as:

Elevating the Profession of Sales

  • The Attributes of Sales Superstars
  • Tapping Into Your Inner Motivation
  • Understanding Personality Types of Buyers
  • Honing Your Sales Skills in Non-traditional Ways
  • Advanced Goal-Setting Techniques That Work
  • Building Sales/Life Plans That Guarantee Success
  • How to Get Real Benefits From Social Media
  • How to Give Powerful Presentations That Close Sales
  • How to Manage Time and Be Highly Productive
  • Strategies for Selling in a Down Economy

This is the most effective sales training program ever created for B2B, Complex Sales, Major Account sales people.

We Create Sales Superstars