Game-Changing Strategists – A Full-Service Business Consulting Firm

Game-changing: a plan, action or event that changes the outcome

Strategist: a person skilled in the science and art of devising or deploying plans or stratagems  towards a goal

Game-Changing Strategist: A person or group that works with clients to create and execute strategies that take people and companies to the next level

Business as usual is a thing of the past. Today, all businesses, regardless of their size or length of time in business, are operating in unfamiliar territory. Game-Changing Strategists LLC, a full-service Business Consulting firm, was formed specifically to help companies navigate in these troubled and unfamiliar times.

Our team of Strategists (consultants) is comprised of seasoned business executives who have each experienced good and bad business conditions over the course of their careers and have dedicated themselves to helping other executives grow and develop their company to its fullest potential by sharing their experience and expertise. We work with small and mid-size companies – start-ups – companies in crises – and companies who are challenged by the chaos of rapid growth.

Our areas of consulting expertise include:

  • Revenue Generation (Sales Strategy)
  • Marketing  Strategy
  • Finance & Accounting Strategy
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations
  • Business Management
  • Leadership Coaching

The collective experiences and backgrounds of our Strategists span a number of industries, including: computers, computer peripherals, telecom equipment & services, multimedia & broadcast services, wireless communications, semiconductors, networking equipment, cable TV, satellite, high tech manufacturing, network service providers, IPTV, business process outsourcing, prepaid financial services, nutritional supplements, food & beverage and internet retailing and more.

Our Strategists are true player-coaches who can either do the job themselves, or mentor existing teams to improve their performance.  We can work closely with you on short-term or long-term projects – no matter what stage your company is in – We also can tap into our network of consultants and service professionals for other specialized skills as needed.

We Create and Execute Extraordinary Strategies That Take People & Companies to the Next Level